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WOW presents a menu featuring renowned wings, mouthwatering burgers, quesadillas, chicken tenders, and a selection of lighter options like wraps and salads.

Did you know you can use your weekly food truck swipes at WoW for lunch?! 

There is now a Food Truck Exchange Menu that lets you chose from multiple combo meals at WoW, Monday-Friday 11am-3:00pm, and use your food truck swipes to pay. You can dine in or order Grubhub pick up. 

*No additions, cannot use dining dollars for the Food Truck Exchange Menu, delivery not offered.

WoW Meal Equivalency

Meal swipes are accepted:

  • Monday – Thursday: 4:30pm - 9:00pm
  • Friday: 4:30pm - 8:00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 4:00pm - 8:00pm

1 meal swipe = a $7.50 meal equivalency.  If the student's total amount owed is greater than $7.50, students can use their available dining dollars to pay the remaining balance (Dining Dollars vary according to meal plans).  If dining dollars are not available, credit card and Charger Cash are accepted. 

If you wish to use the meal equivalency credit, you must select the "Meal Equivalency" menu.


Pick-Up available

Download Grubhub here for ON-Campus pick up. Pick up your favorite snack in between classes through campus dining in the Grubhub app.

Please visit our WoW Nutritional Chart

Click to visit our Wow Allergen Chart